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The Pull Request 20 – iOS vs Android Development, MS Surface, and Tech Support

Wherein Chris, Gregg and Jared talk about The new Microsoft Surface tablet, differences in developing for iOS and Android, and getting past Tier 1 Tech Support so you can solve your real problem.

The Pull Request 19 – So Windows 8, Agile, and Git walk into a bar…

Wherein John and Jared talk – for a while – about windows 8, GTA4, Games for Windows Live, Agile development practices and whether or not you should use event delegation in XNA.

August 27 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 18: Velocity Vector Adrenaline

Wherein John and Jared discuss C++, XNA Game Studio, Learning C#, The Adrenaline Rush that comes from solving complex problems and how little Jared knows about C++ in Visual Studio.

August 17 / 2012

The Pull Request – Episode 17

Wherein we talk about futurama references, The new from Microsoft, C# Dynamics, Micro ORMs and parents that don’t upgrade technology.

August 13 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 16: The New Guy Cometh

Wherein we welcome a new member to our crew, Keith! Also, we talk about the Skype open source project, Jareds lack of willpower, Steam Summer Sale, our favorite video games and John gives his lite review on the Google Nexus 7.  

The Pull Request Episode 15

Wherein we talk about headphones, working out, biking, how John needs to get a dog, game programming books (checkout the Game Programming Gems series), Jared just finished the book Masters of Doom (the story about how id software came about) and highly recommends it, John describes how he designed our hit-detection code, he thinks it [...]

June 12 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 13: The thin grey line

Wherein we discuss the burdens of family, migrating existing blogs to Github and using Jekyll for content publishing, going into debt to finance GOG and Steam summer sales, the lengths people will go to to get their startup off the ground, Randy Johnson, the trouble that 38 studios experienced, development costs for games.  

The Pull Request Episode 12: How are free time made?

Wherein John and I discuss, babies, wedding planning, responsibilities, starting a company – the paperwork and costs involved, finding time to actually think about things, creating humans, how babies look like siblings/relatives, how our group doesn’t talk when John is away, Starting a company involves a lot of paperwork, John and I reminisce¬†about various hacks [...]

May 22 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 11: The Differential #1

This is a special episode of The Pull Request wherein John and Jared catch up and discuss some interesting sites/project/code that they are working on: Get Off My Lawn. Get off my lawn is a isometric tower defense game that they are building together. Show notes after the break!

May 09 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 10

Wherein we discuss brogrammers, code pushups, the sport of underwater hockey, the only key combination you’ll ever need, Dvorak keyboard layouts, You suck at photoshop, impersonations, talent vs effort, and Eliza Dushku. Show notes: The StackExchange Meetup was this weekend (hope you went and had a good time!) John explains what is, which leads [...]

May 01 / 2012