Wherein John and I discuss, babies, wedding planning, responsibilities, starting a company – the paperwork and costs involved, finding time to actually think about things, creating humans, how babies look like siblings/relatives, how our group doesn’t talk when John is away,

Starting a company involves a lot of paperwork, John and I reminisce about various hacks they would use to make their college papers look longer.

I upgraded his laptop with an SSD that John gifted me, and I go on to describe the nightmarish process that I had to go through to get the machine up and running. But all of that was totally worth it because every machine should have an SSD.

John talks about how he’d like to use jekyll to handle blog posts and publishing content on our company website. We also talk about Jekyll Bootstrap a bit.

A friend of the show, Ed Shwehm and crew, launched a new podcast: GAEMZCAST! Check them out. It’s very good.