Wherein the guys discuss Homeschooling, shameless plugs, learning JavaScript fundamentals and building javascript games. Show notes are included after the break!

Show Notes:

  • Jared and John shamelessly promote their collaborative projects ST4bby and Shing! ST4bby is a POCO generator for Microsoft SQL Server with no third party dependencies and Shing! is a Amazon Wishlist parser for .Net
  • Jared recommends taking a look at the test coverage for Shing!
  • Unit Testing T4 looks like a horrible experience which is why ST4bby has zero unit tests
  • Jared compares ST4bby to the breakfast machine from Family Guy.
  • Jared talks about trailing whitespace, newlines and git. Github has some great documentation on the settings.
  • John talks about developing visual studio extensions and the pain points he’s experiencing.
  • Gregg, asks what skills he should be working on. Should he focus on HTML5 or JavaScript or both, or should he wait for bit? Is it worth learning the basics or should he focus on jQuery?
  • Jared discusses how fun it is working on games, and how it involves a totally different set of problem solving skills when compared to web development.
  • John used to build levels for Source games in HAMMER.
  • John talks about how the guys on the podcast are still “green” and how it’s normal to feel anxious about new technology. The rest of the guys talk about how we all feel “left behind” when we see new projects like meteor and even jabbr.
  • John and Chris talk about home schooling