Wherein we discuss skateboarding, old adventure games and RequireJS. We have a skeleton crew this week, Chris had to tend to family stuff and Gregg was working late so it’s just John and Jared holding down the fort (god help us all).

Show notes after the break!

  • Gregg had to jump off the call because he was working late
  • It’s the John and Jared show, wonder if we can keep it under an hour
  • John and Jared attended PAX East, we recorded the episode before we went and didn’t think to record after… so it’s a little weird
  • Gregg is looking to attend Comicon out in California
  • John and Jared have both posted the pictures they took from PAX. Check them out!
  • Jared and John talk about camera stabilizers, check this one out on Kickstarter.
  • John is going to start making parkour videos, check him out on his new youtube channel: FaceBreakerTheHumanEraser
  • The guys talk about old Sierra/Lucas Arts adventure video games, including Day Of The Tentacle. Check out a 21 minute speed run of the game here.
  • John wants to grab a iphone tripod to film his son Aaron as he runs around the house :D
  • Jared discusses an add-on for Firefox called Dust Me Selectors, which will crawl your website and list out all of the css selectors that are not used by your HTML, it’s also featured in this RailsCast
  • Jared is in love with requireJS (yeah, yeah he’s about a year late)
  • Jared is using requirejs to load all the javascript for a canvas game that he is working on
  • Jared and John discuss performance concerns with accessing global variables in JavaScript
  • Jared enjoys working on games because of the different way of thinking that is required.
  • Jared discusses a bit of the architecture involved in the game he’s working on
  • Jared and John talk about NCrunch, and the Nuget package restore
  • Jared and John discuss The Geekbox and Jared runs down a brief history of how it came about (and their related podcasts), you can check out John and Jareds blogs as they both list podcasts they listen to.
  • Jared and John talk about browserquest a fun 8bit mmo written by the awesome developers at mozilla labs
  • Jared brings up Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes, ALL COMMENTS FOR THIS EPISODE MUST BE WRITTEN IN KOREAN
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