Wherein John, Chris, Gregg and Jared discuss all sorts of nerdy (or not) things. From pro-athletes, the fitbit, being a serial killer and bears (oh my!), we cover it all. Some things of note, Asp.net MVC and WebApi was open sourced this past week, also the guys discuss various what has prevented them from committing to open source in the past and how to make it known what kind of work your OSS project is looking for.

Show notes after the break!

Show Notes

  • We talk about pro athletes and their ability to control their heart rates, apparently some athletes can bring their heart rate to the low 30′s!
  • John blacks out during the podcast and shouldn’t be held responsible for what he says, unless it was awesome then it was totally him
  • Jared gets his local newspaper even though he’s cancelled it several times
  • John describes how he totally freaked out his wife when he came home early from a business trip, you should definitely try this yourself and post a reaction video on youtube (blame John if it doesn’t work out)
  • Chris was born in 1987… Gregg and Jared hate him
  • John brings up that Rob Conery of Tekpub fame, made some of their videos free to watch online. Go and check them out if you haven’t already
  • Jared brings up the Polymorphic Podcast which is a really great podcast hosted by Craig Shoemaker. It has a really nice intro.
  • Hosting a podcast that has to come up with real content must be a royal pain in the ass
  • It takes about 4 hours to edit each episode of The Pull Request, which is why we don’t have a call-in show :D
  • The guys discuss a blog post by Daniel Cazzulino on creating a better way to drive contributions to your next open source project using Nuget
  • Gregg brings up Andy Lesters blog post on 14 ways to contribute to open source.
  • Jared talks about Openhatch.org which is a classifieds listing for open source projects. It works mainly by scraping the issue trackers for popular open source projects and posting the open issues online.
  • Jared isn’t a fan of the metro layout, mostly because it doesn’t seem to navigate easily when you have a hierarchy of data.
  • And so much more, we really touched on a ton of topics in this podcast, make sure to listen so you hear everything!
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