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Archive: April 2012

The Pull Request Episode 8

Wherein the guys discuss Homeschooling, shameless plugs, learning JavaScript fundamentals and building javascript games. Show notes are included after the break!

April 17 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 7

Wherein we discuss skateboarding, old adventure games and RequireJS. We have a skeleton crew this week, Chris had to tend to family stuff and Gregg was working late so it’s just John and Jared holding down the fort (god help us all). Show notes after the break!

April 10 / 2012

The Pull Request Episode 6

Wherein John, Chris, Gregg and Jared discuss all sorts of nerdy (or not) things. From pro-athletes, the fitbit, being a serial killer and bears (oh my!), we cover it all. Some things of note, MVC and WebApi was open sourced this past week, also the guys discuss various what has prevented them from committing [...]

April 03 / 2012