Welcome to an extra-long cut of The Pull Request, wherein we talk about spending too much time on tasks, familyguy, funny/tragic youtube videos, C# vs Visual Basic, and CSS preprocessors.

  • The group discusses the saying “Always code like the person who ends up maintaining the code is a violent psycopath who know where you live.
  • Jared discusses how his team handled Peer Review (also known as Code Reviews) and how code reviews are best done over skype or in-person.
  • John doesn’t get text message, Jared and Gregg hate talking on the phone
  • Jared will text people when they call him in order to get to the point faster
  • John has to share the embarrassing things that happen to him
  • The guys discuss the infamous Joe Theisman hit by Lawrence Taylor
  • Jared loves Death Metal Rooster and you should too!
  • The guys discuss this post on simple-talk where the troll, author states some ridiculous ”points” as to why visual basic is better than c#
  • The guys discuss a new way to watch the Star Wars series of movies: The Machete Order
  • Also, we discuss (until your ears bleed dear listener) how George Lucas ruined Star Wars and the whole “Han Shot First” fiasco
  • Then we switch gears and start talking about CSS Preprocessors, specifically SASS, LESS and Stylus, also we talk about this specific post about some issues people have with using CSS Preprocessors
  • Somehow we got onto Kentico 6, it’s a great Asp.net based Content Management System that John, Gregg and Jared worked with for 3 years. We love it and people should check them out: http://www.kentico.com/
  • John recaps some…interesting insanity wolf memes.
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