Wherein we discuss achieving a solid work/life balance, going the fuck home, the value of a perfect chicken salad sandwich, and Marks master plan at work. Also, it is revealed that John and I are scheming to create something on the side… but that is something for another episode.

Download it here, or listen below. Show notes are after the break!



Show notes:

  • When we recorded this the podcast name hadn’t been picked yet.
  • The podcast aims to be quite terrible :D, set your expectations accordingly
  • John does an awesome job keeping us on track so we can produce quality content instead of boring crap.
  • Taking a mental vacation is necessary to keep your mind in tip-top shape
  • We discuss ”Go the fuck home” – Pam Selle’s ignite talk, check out her blog for more awesome content!
  • Mark schedules time in his calendar to do the things that he likes (and doesn’t like) to do
  • Jared and John tend to like to zone out and do the dishes when they need to reset their brains
  • John would sell his shares in any future endeavor for a really awesome Chicken Salad sandwich
  • Jared says “Literally” and “Right” about 1000x times during this episode
  • Mark has a great new chicken salad recipe, maybe we can convince him to post it here?
  • Jared discusses interviewing, interviewing when you aren’t rushing out the door of your current company is the best time to look
  • Posting links to github/bitbucket code repos on your resume is a good job search tool
  • John thinks he’s not outgoing… we all think he’s full of crap
  • Jared describes how he failed on a past interview
  • John talks about the pomodoro technique and how Scott Hanselman gets things done


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